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Dental Clinics in Lethbridge & Blairmore

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Dr. Bryan Murray and the Able Dental Group are dental professionals in southern Alberta with the same philosophies, morals and ethics, working together to provide patients with the necessary dental care.

At Able Dental Group, we pride ourselves on living up to the mission statement we have set for our team. From your initial contact until the next dental visit, we do all we can to make sure the needs and expectations of our patients are met.

If you are searching for a family dental office, think Able Dental Group. With our multiple dental practices, we might well have a location near you.

If you would like to speak with one of our patient-care co-ordinators, or to book an appointment, please call our toll free line at 1-800-552-8053 or click here to find a location closest to you.

Latest News

Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician
We need a team player who can shift gears easily, who thrives in change, and always puts the needs of the patients first! Positive attitude is essential. Are you that candidate? This position is...
Dentures and Partial Dentures
Simply put, dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth, as well as the tissue surrounding the affected area. If you’re currently missing teeth, or will be undergoing multiple dental ...
Are Electric Toothbrushes The Right Choice For You? Pros And Cons
Everyone knows brushing your teeth twice a day is key to maintaining a healthy mouth. But what type of toothbrush is better — manual or electric? And which one is best for you? Both elect...