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Common denture problems, treatments and solutions

Able Dental - Monday, June 08, 2015

Dentures or partial dentures can be a fantastic solution for tooth loss, and modern advances in dentistry have made them increasingly more natural looking and comfortable. Unfortunately, some people may still experience problems such as mouth irritation, trouble speaking and eating, and mouth infections from wearing dentures.

Let's take a look at some treatments and solutions to these common problems:

- Mouth irritation

If your dentures are causing irritation in your mouth, then it is likely because they do not fit correctly. Dentures may need to be adjusted or even replaced by a dentist as the shape of your gums and mouth changes. Sometimes even properly-fitting dentures can have a hard time staying in place, and so your dentist may suggest the use of a denture adhesive.

- Trouble eating and/or speaking

Dentures can take some time to get used to. If you are having trouble eating when you first get dentures, then consider eating softer foods, taking small bites, and chewing slowly. Try to speak slowly as well, and devote some practice to saying difficult words. If your speech or ability to eat does not improve over time, then make sure to let your dentist know, as your dentures may require adjusting.

- Mouth infections

The best ways to prevent a mouth infection from wearing dentures is to make sure that they fit well and that they are properly cared for. Dentures should be cleaned daily, and your gums, tongue, and mouth should also be thoroughly cleaned before they are reinserted. Furthermore, you should never leave your dentures in while you sleep.

Denture Solutions in Lethbridge, AB

As you can see from the solutions above, the very best way to prevent and fix denture problems is to have regular consultations with your dentist. Able Dental is a group of family dentists with multiple practices serving Lethbridge and the surrounding area. Our dental professionals are well-trained in the creation and care of dentures and partial dentures. We can help make sure that your dentures fit well and aren't causing you any irritation.

Able Dental Group likely has a clinic near you, so feel free to stop in or request an appointment online. Denture problems can be treated and prevented, so don't let yourself remain in pain or discomfort any longer.