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What You Need to Know About Using a Water Flosser

Able Dental - Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Water Flosser  to clean your teeth Lethbridge Alberta

You have most likely heard of the term and you may have even seen one before, but how much do you know about water flossers, really? There are a few common misconceptions out there about these devices, especially when it comes to oral health. So, before you dismiss or embrace the idea of using one, it is best that you should know how the waterpik really works.

What is a Water Flosser?

Waterpiks are water flossers. These devices push water in between the gums and help remove food particles and debris. They are easy to use and fast; they can typically be used in less than a minute each day. They are also powerful enough to help remove plaque buildup in between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot always reach efficiently.

Most people are under the assumption that they still need to floss in addition to using a waterpik. This is not true. Dental professionals agree that waterpiks are effective at removing plaque and buildup in between the teeth. In addition, clinical studies show that they are 51 percent more effective than floss at reducing gingivitis and two times more effective than floss at reducing gingival bleeding.

Advantages of Using a Water Flosser

To prevent gum disease, you need to floss daily. However, using traditional string floss is cumbersome and for some people, they cannot floss as effectively as they should. Waterpiks offer numerous advantages over traditional floss, including:

  • They are easy to use. Compared to string dental floss, water flossers are easy to use. You just point your water flossing tip between the teeth and the machine does the rest.
  • They are easy for children. Compared to a regular string floss children can easily floss with help to ensure that in-between each tooth is done.
  • They are faster than traditional floss. A waterpik takes a minute per day and allows you to enjoy clean, fresh breath while maintaining a healthier mouth.
  • Gentler on the gums than floss. With floss, it is easy to break your delicate gums and cause them to bleed. Some people even find string floss to be painful. Waterpiks are less likely to cause bleeding and pain in individuals who have sensitive gums.
  • Great for anyone with braces. If you or your children have braces, a waterpik can help flush away food particles in between the metal wires.

While waterpik use is extremely effective, you should know that they are not a substitute for regular dental checkups and cleanings. Visit the professionals at Able Dental Group today for your cleaning to make sure your teeth and gums are remaining healthy.

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