Emergency or Otherwise
Dental Extractions

In some situations, a tooth extraction might be necessary as part of your oral healthcare. Don’t run and hide; your Able dentist will ease your fear and make the procedure as painless as possible.

The loss of a tooth can be quite traumatic for some patients, therefore it is important to talk to your Able dentist to find out what your options are for filling in the empty space. Some options may include dental implants, bridges, partial dentures or full dentures.

If you're afraid of the dentist and prefer one of our sedation options, please contact Lethbridge Dental Surgical Suites.

Total Extractions

In some situations, your Able dentist may recommend extracting all of your teeth. Such a procedure might sound overwhelming, but it will be done only after a careful examination and consultation.

In some of our dental offices, you can choose IV sedation (like floating on a cloud). If you want to be fully asleep under the care of an anesthetist from Chinook Regional Hospital, call Lethbridge Dental Surgical Suites. Whatever your choice, you’ll be under the care of a registered nurse during your procedure.

Your dentures can be created for you before your extraction, or made for you after a period of healing. If you have decided ahead of time you would prefer dental implants to secure your dentures, the implants can be placed the same day. In some instances, you will have immediately stabilized dentures when you leave our office.

Able’s staff will explain these options to you, so you understand the procedure and feel comfortable with your decision.

To learn more about implant-stabilized dentures, please call our toll free line at 1-800-552-8053.