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Is there a more frightening term in dental care than "impacted wisdom teeth?" Your "wisdom" teeth are third molars that normally break through when you’re between 17 and 25, at the same age you’re gaining "wisdom".

Unfortunately for most people, their mouths lack adequate space for these 4 teeth to become part of the team; they simply cause problems and should be removed. They might be called wisdom teeth, but leaving them untreated is simply unwise, as they can cause infection, damage to their neighbours and other side effects.

Your dentist will use X-rays to determine your unique situation.  You may choose either IV sedation (like floating dreamily) or general anesthetic (like sleep at night) in our Lethbridge Dental Surgical Suites.

Wisdom teeth can present three levels of impaction, including:

  • Soft tissue: the crown has popped through your jaw but is still covered by your gums.
  • Partial bone: some of the crown stays below the gum and jaw.
  • Complete bone: the entire tooth is encased by your jaw.

Wisdom teeth extractions are usually required to alleviate or avoid problems such as swelling, decay, jaw cysts and infection, all of which can damage adjacent teeth.

Done in mid-teen years, Able Dental’s procedure will discover potential problems.

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