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Cat-scan Imaging

Computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans aren’t new to medicine. But now, dentistry is beginning to incorporate the 3D X-ray technology into its arsenal under the name i-CAT®

These scans are primarily used to enable faster and more accurate fitting of dental implants. They give your Able dentist a more detailed view of your mouth and skull, including bone structure and density, tissues and nerves. i-CAT® scans take about 40 seconds with a low dose of radiation, while you remain comfortably seated.

Our dentists use i-CAT® scans in planning your implant strategy to:

  • Assess jawbone quality and density and position of each tooth
  • Locate nerves
  • Spot tumors, disease and impacted teeth early
  • Determine effective implant placement
  • Plan the complete surgical procedure

i-CAT® scans are reducing the cost and time of dental surgery, while improving the results. Contact your Able dentist for more information about i-CAT®.

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