Sport and recreation plays a significant role in most Canadians lives as it provides support to an individual’s social and mental well-being. Not only do sports mouth guards protect your teeth and smile they also help with the reduction of concussions. With 64% of hospital visits for the age category of 10-18 being due to sport, physical activity or recreation; 39% of those individuals were diagnosed with indefinite concussions, while 24% were possible concussions. This means that of 100 hospital patients in this age category, over 64 of those individuals would have either an indefinite concussion or the possibly of one. Concussions can be life altering and could cause significant health problems if left untreated. Able Dental Group offers custom fitted mouth guards to unsure your safety out on the field.

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Mouth guards come in three standard types: stock mouth guards, boil-and-bite mouth guards or customized mouth guards. Your budget and the frequency and type of activity your child plays will help you determine which of the three categories of guard to purchase. Some considerations:

  • Stock mouth guards: they’re inexpensive, bought off the shelf and one size fits all, but they are not adjustable; they’re uncomfortable and provide the lowest level of protection.
  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards: made from thermoplastic and widely available, these guards are immersed in hot water to make them pliable then pressed on your child’s teeth to create a custom mold; slightly more expensive than stock guards, they offer greater protection, comfort, and ease of speech and breathing.
  • Customized mouth guards: your Able dentist creates this type of mouth guard to afford your child maximum protection; your dentist will make an impression of your child’s teeth using a special material; the mouth guard is constructed over the mold; customized guards are more comfortable and orthodontically correct.

Mouth Guards Help Prevent

  • Cheek and lip lesions
  • Gum injuries
  • Jaw fractures
  • Neck injuries
  • Tongue lesions
  • Tooth fractures

Professional dental mouth guards are designed to help prevent damage to the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth and jaw. Your Able dentist can help you decide which mouth guard is appropriate for your child.