Dental crowns can restore the look and function of a damaged tooth, a crown is fitted over a tooth like a cap. While crowns can be created from several materials, at Able Dental Group we use porcelain for the most natural look. Full gold crowns are used, in some instances, for back teeth.

To create and install a crown, your Able dentist will:

  • Give you a local anesthetic.
  • File down your damaged tooth.
  • Make an impression of both arches to customize the shape of your permanent crown.
  • Install a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it until the final crown is ready.
  • On your next visit, replace the temporary crown with the permanent one and cement it into place. It will have the right fit, shape, colour and bite of the original tooth.

One-Visit Crowns

One-visit crowns are exactly as described. Your Able dentist can create a crown restoration in a single visit, eliminating multiple appointments – and the need for a temporary crown – normally required to achieve the same outcome. The process uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to create the desired effect.