General dentistry services are services which are provided by all non-specialty dental practices. General dentistry services include cleanings and exams, gum care, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventative education.

Regular checkups to the general dentist will help the whole family to maintain good dental health and prevent serious complications from neglect.

How often should I book a cleaning or exam?

Professional teeth cleaning and check-ups are important to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. If you have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth, your dentist and dental hygienist will likely suggest professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year.

What does gum care include?

The three most important steps to caring for gums:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Rinsing
When should I take my child to the dentist?

Ideally six months after your child’s first tooth erupts you will take them to see a dentist. This is the perfect time for the dentist to carefully examine the development of your child’s mouth. Your dentist can provide or recommend special preventive care to safeguard against problems, such as baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations, gum disease, and prolonged thumb-sucking.

Dental Cleanings

You’ll need regular check-ups and cleanings in order to maintain excellent dental health. Having regular cleanings may prevent further problems, such as cavities.


If one of your teeth has become damaged, you’ll need to have one of our dentists fill it for you. Fillings keep bacteria from invading the damaged part of the tooth and infecting it.


We all have deep grooves in our teeth where plaque and food particles collect. Cavities form easily in these areas, and sometimes regular brushing isn’t enough to prevent them. Sealants cover those grooves and prevent cavities from forming there.

Root Canals

When an infection invades the pulp inside your teeth, you’ll need a root canal. This procedure will prevent the infection from spreading and relieves you from severe pain.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth can push all of your other teeth out of their proper places. We’ll extract them for you at any of our dental clinics.

Children’s Services

Children need special attention when they come to the dentist. Our warm, compassionate staff will make your children feel calm, relaxed, and happy.